Wedding Gems


Being true to your everyday style is one of the most important things you can do for yourself when making any fashion or beauty decisions for your wedding, from your accessories and dress to your hair and makeup. When it came to choosing my wedding accessories, my initial thought was to go with extra fancy gems and a special ‘signature’ scent just for that day. Instead, I chose classic and simple yellow gold accessories to match my engagement ring and pearl ring, gold shoes from Schutz and my go-to summer scent Beach by Bobbi Brown. Sticking with those pieces proved to be the right decision and made me feel more like me—something so, so important for any bride on her wedding day. Scroll down to get the sparkly details below! xx



Photography: Rebecca Yale

White Lace

There’s nothing that defines classic summer more than white + lace. Peek at any LWD in my closet and they usually have some touch of pretty lace on them. I think I have at least four pre-packed for our honeymoon. It’s a timeless summer staple that every girl should have at least one of!

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Our Holiday Save the Dates with Minted!


Have I told you all how much I love Minted? I think maybe I have a time or two, and I’m here to sing their praises again. First off, because I’ve partnered with the amazing Minted team for our gorgeous wedding invitations (that I cannot wait to share in a few months!) and secondly, I adore their holiday designs. This year, we went with a ‘holiday save the date’ with fancy foiled lettering, to officially announce our wedding date in the merriest and prettiest way and share one of our fave shots from our e-sesh with Rebecca Yale.

minted_envelopelayoutWe also took advantage of The Minted Envelope for our addressing this year! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good little evening of card prep and snuggle by the fire with spiked hot cocoa, but I’m totally OK with skipping the hand cramps and just popping on the stamps. And they have such a lovely array of choices to pick from.

Still need to check your holiday cards off the list? There’s still plenty of time—head on over to Minted! And don’t miss the sweet 15% off + free shipping deal today on holiday cards with code: JOLLY15FS

Photography: Rebecca Yale Portraits

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